Patient Testimonials

"I first came to Dr. Quigley because I could not bend over to tie my shoes, put on my socks or pick up a newspaper. Walking was a chore. I like to play golf but my game was not possible. Since I began treatment, the disabilities described above have disappeared and I’m back on the course and playing as well as before. Quigley works."

Raymond - Age 81

"Before visiting Dr. Quigley, I experienced constant back pain every time I did any physical labor. Since I’ve completed a regiment of treatments I can work in my yard, move furniture, or other house chores, without paying for it all week. I can now go to bed at night without having to keep my legs bent in a sitting position."

Steve - Age 53

"Before coming to Dr. Quigley, I was in pain all the time. I feared I would be limited in what I could do and probably be walking with a cane. The treatment I receive from Dr. Quigley has so improved my quality of life that I forget I have had such a back problem. By consistent treatment I am able to have a normal life."

Sandra - Age 69

"Before coming to Dr. Quigley I experienced chronic neck pain. Dr. Q. was able to adjust and correct the curvature in my spine to a more correct position thus relieving the constant pain. Through continued treatment I feel better than I have in 10 years of dealing with other chiropractors."

Darrell - Age 33

"Since I injured myself on the job I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Quigley. The treatment has helped my back injury over time and continues to provide me with relief from my injury. I would refer family, friends and strangers to Quigley Chiropractic."

Kevin - Age 31

"Dr. Quigley’s treatments work very, very well for me. I find that I have much more ease of movement in the lower back without pain."

Frank - Age 86

"I had a lot of pain in the lower back and hip when I came to see Dr. Quigley. His treatments have helped me a lot. I had gotten to where I could hardly walk, now I’m doing so much better."

Velma - Age 81

"Since I’ve started seeing Dr. Quigley, I have had less headaches and neck pain and my range of motion has improved greatly."

Lauren - Age 19

"I used to have chronic back and hip pain. I started coming to Quigley Chiropractic a year ago and the pain is gone except the occasional flare up. I have also come in with bad migraines and left without one. I would highly recommend Dr. Quigley."

Sue - Age 41

"Dr. Quigley has been able to help me with my neck and back pain since starting treatments this past year. This in combination with a monthly massage has made me feel like a new and better person."

Mark - Age 55

New Patients

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Insurance Coverage

Most health insurance plans cover chiropractic care. Quigley Chiropractic is a network provider with Humana, CIGNA, Medicare, Passport, PHCS and more. Our staff can verify your benefits prior to treatment.